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the mirror's race. reducing property taxes. >> challengers said that they can do better than 9% reduction. but can they? we have a closer look at those numbers. >> please prospect of saving money on property taxes, steps are taken. like most homeowners, there is a special attachment. he watches his chosen and grandchildren grow up here. it had a lot of sentimental meeting. >> they are the wildest thing i know. the are for what is reasonable. what do we do or have done that have cost us more? >> is almost twice as high as the surrounding counties. the city cosy male or a
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candidate may want to cut that rate. they want to cut the property tax rate in half by 2014. the hope to do so over 10 years. the other goal is to reduce, and the incumbent wants to slash the rate by 9% by 2020. >> you have to start very small given the fact that we are in a weak economic. -- economic period.. >> the recommends tax cuts over an extended period of time. >> you will have to cut back city spending in order to compensate for it. the city can't run a significant deficit. >> here is a breakdown of the savings according to our calculations. he will save approximately
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$2,100. almost 1500 with a 35% cut. >> if you are a city property tax payer, you have to look at a plan that has some realistic sense to it in terms of the rate cut, the time, the impact is going to have on services. it all has to make sense. >> you are lucky if you get nine. they know good and well but they won't get it. >> we posted the plan on line. live in the newsroom, wbal 11 news. >> a payroll scam has cost of the city nearly $55,000. if all goes back to one department of public works employees.
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reports show when the administrative officer cheated the system from january to this past april. no word of criminal charges will be filed. more information on the cheating scandal involving the fire department. the training instructors have now been placed on administrative leave. they are off the job, but still getting paid. the scandal came to light when officials discovered records were provided answers before the test. >> of the former owner of a popular swim club pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. he must now register as a sex offender. court documents show that he admitted downloading illegal images of an offense. >> he pleaded guilty to distributing child pornography.
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>> this is somebody that was trading images of a child who underwent abuse and exploitation and whose image continued to be traded throughout the internet. >> they will serve 18 months in the baltimore county detention center. when he gets out of jail, he faces five years of supervised probation. he will forfeit computer equipment and sell funds. he will not have contact with children under 18. he can only see his grandchild with another adult. >> they have owned a swim club for decades. the launch an investigation back on january 25 of this year. according to the statement, the detectives conducted a keyword search using terms associated
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with child pornography images. those files were accessed through a specific address. detectives were able to determine the address along to him. there were numerous files in the deleted space of his computers. incidently, the fbi had a separate act of how investigation connected to a laptop computer. the dow mud images as girls as young as an offense to teens. >> he and his family are addressing the other personal issues and i have full confidence that he will do his time and pay his debt to society. and the unfortunate part about the whole thing is that he spent his entire teenagers and adults live building of the club and he is now associated with that
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forever. >> and the attorney claims that his client is not a pedophile. he did not reach out to children. they believe that if he had done that, he had been sentenced for more years in jail. >> electrocuted while working on a utility pole. fire officials have identified the worker. he is about 35 feet off the ground when it happened. they pulled him to the crown and tried to administer cpr. the office and workplace safety officials are still in investigating. somehow, and teenagers with 60 feet down a ravine and was stuck there for more than an hour. live tonight in north baltimore to explain why it took dozens of firefighters to get him out.
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>> these are terrifying moments. his family and firefighters know that all could have turned out much worse. >> rescue crews were called to task of around 4:30 this afternoon. in 18-year-old boy fell 60 feet down the ravine. he was stuck on some rocks and was terrified. >> it may be something where they used it to go down the cliff and probably swim. >> and dozens of firefighters worked to rescue him. fire fighters may get down to the ravine and found his ankle broken. they started the process of getting him to safety. they pulled him up in stages, just a few feet a minute.
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the process took nearly an hour. >> a couple of the members were down there with harnesses on and it was a tremendous job as far as the feet per minute because of the inclined. >> they got him into an ambulance. the broken ankle appeared to be his only injury. >> it was a tremendous job. it shows how they were trained and what they did today. >> they told firefighters that he might have been trying to make it down to the water when one of the witnesses called 911. >> detectives are looking for the gunmen that shot one of their own. just after 11:00 last night while responding to a domestic dispute. it is unclear if the police
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veteran was the intended target. he was treated for a graze wound and is now resting at home. they owe $31,000 of back pay after he was found not guilty. the board of estimates improved -- approve the money. he was one of three officers accused of stranding the teenager miles from his home. they were placed on probation. >> president obama has softened his stand on a short-term deal to prevent default. the president would accept a temporary extension to raise the debt limit while bigger legislation worked its way through congress. the gang of six is trying to build momentum for the debt reduction plan. it would slash $500 billion from the big gift and save trillion's by raising taxes on the wealthy and reforming social security and medicare.
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the leader of a key block of house conservatives already said no way. >> we are against tax increases. it will hurt jobs and we are against tax increases. >> what the overwhelming majority of americans are saying, fifth in. >> if they have a plan of falls apart or fails, they are still working on a backup. >> flights just got cheaper. which airlines are offering deals from now until fall. >> and the scanner might be one less thing for travelers to worry about. that might keep you from hearing it all at the airport. >> whatever it may be, we want to play football and go back to work. >> netflix under fire. and the nfl might be on the
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verge of ending the lockout. >> the hottest temperatures were in the central part of the nation and on their way here. it is a warm evening this evening. 89 at the inner harbor and hu
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>> an amazing part of american history will come to an end. the space shuttle atlantis will touch down in kennedy space center closing out a 30-year run. they spent their last full day in space and spoke about the
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program's impact on the nation. >> it will be tough and an emotional moment for a lot of people. take a good look at and making memory. it has been an incredible ride. >> the houston control team will watch the crew wore around the shuttle one last time. it is the last of the shuttles to be retired. >> the spotlight shifted to david cameron during the testimony. he defended his decision to hire the former editor of the tabloid has his communications chief. he is among 10 people that have been arrested. he was advised against hiring him, but he did it anyway. >> i have said that if it turns out that he knew about the hacking, he will not only have lied to me, but to the police
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and the press complaints commission. and perjured himself in a court of law. >> he denied that he or any member of his staff met with the police to get them to stop the investigation. charged with killing more than a dozen people in a shooting rampage has released his civilian attorney. he told the judge that he wanted to be represented by three military attorneys but did not say why. the judge set a trial date for next year. 13 people were killed in the 2009 attack. if convicted, he faces the death penalty. the tsa is experimenting with a less invasive body imaging scanner. it only highlights items. the current one comes under fire for privacy concerns. passengers can view and to monitor -- and monitor if no
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object is found. there is the possible privacy opportunities. >> it is the same image as the previous passenger. it is the same generic outline of the person. >> the new system is now being tested. >> a week after netflix announced an increase in fees, it is quickly learning that the news is not well received. what is behind the hike? >> they wasted little time on line. >> you have the social networking sites, so it is more than people complain about the water cooler. >> the prize for come by the
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services would go from $10 a month to $16 a month in september and said social media of blaze. >> when you raise the price more than a dollar or two, people are going to freak out. >> and there is no way to know how many will jump ship. but competitors are getting a warm welcome to those that do. >> that might be kiosk boxes. there is opportunity for people to come at a lower cost. >> the price hike comes as they are spending more to bolster the library of tv shows and movies it is allowed the stream. streanubg -- streaming costs could balloon. streaming is the future. >> just as people are downloading music instead of
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buying cds, people will be buying in downloading on a going forward basis rather than getting the digital disks. >> they hope he keeps a customer's streaming and not away from it. >> some new planes are coming to the nation's third largest airline. american airlines announced it has ordered a least 460 new planes. the companies placed the order for the more fuel-efficient planes. the airline expects it will save money on fuel and also provide more amenities. if you're looking for a last- minute getaway. for travel during late summer and fall, it covers flights between july 30 at november 16. it covers travel from august 23 to december 14.
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>> now, your forecast. >> in hot and humid day today. a few scattered clouds and no rain. southern pennsylvania, a few showers in west virginia. they have been kind of a permanent fixture this evening. it is not a major part of this story. today, it made it can 93. typically 88 would be the high, one of two is the record. record.s the the next couple of days, it will still be warmer. 104 is the record. saturday, 100 and to set back in 1991. friday is the one that is most
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likely to be broken. perhaps saturday as well. tomorrow, will be struggling to make it near 100, but we will be closer. they are up to 99 for the high today, and out in oakland, it is a pleasant 72 degrees. parts of west virginia, ohio, even kentucky. coming up over the top of a hot, humid air, it is kind of a permanent fixture there. bret has been a tropical storm in the atlantic ocean and he will move to the northeast, not coming near the coast at all.
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the storm will weaken into a depression over the next 24 hours. a very tropical air, but not stormy. the 75-80, with southland's expecting tomorrow. it will climb close to 100 in some areas. with humidity, it will feel more like 105 or 110. 96-100 the basic temperature range, but a couple places by little beyond that. there is an excessive heat warning that covers the entire area for tomorrow and friday as well. south wind 5-10 knots. the bay water temperatures are approaching bath water temperatures. plenty of sun over the next few days. perhaps a little bit cooler on saturday. here is the seven-day forecast.
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99 on saturday, give or take a few degrees. the humidity will make it feel like over 105 or maybe 110. rain chances, isolated on friday. not a very good chance. by sunday night, indurain chances will improve to about 30%. -- the rain chances will improve to about 30%. >> the latest surprise for the nfl struggle to get football back on the field. >> from the most exciting vacation destination, universal studios in orlando, wednesday night. i am with you with the estimated jackpot jumping out to $76.3 million.
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for $1 more, you get the power play option. big money tonight as your multiplier is for. the first white ball is 40, 42, here is a picture of antony. $200,000. 38, 1, and 4. time for the powerball, 17. good luck. once again, here are the numbers. make orlando
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>> in the heat makes everybody a lethargic, maybe that is why the orioles lost to boston. since everyone else uses the heat for the excuse, we might as well lead on that, too. loaded bases in the second and backfired on a chance for runs. heading into a 4-6-3 double play to end the inning. want to reconsider how he pitches in the future. gave the red sox a 1-0 lead. andrew miller did not have great stuff today, he did not have his best control. still, even when slightly off the market, he held to only two
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runs. he had as many homers as the orioles had hits today. it pushes to 19 games, no other team in the majors since its farther out of first right now. it is tough to find a positive out of a 4-0 loss. >> they have a good idea what they are looking for and did not chase many mistakes or many pitches outside of where they are looking. that makes our job of a lot harder. but with good commanding location, even if they are looking for a certain pitch, you can get these guys out. >> getting to the labor deal remains a thing but easy. they did not conduct a vote on the deal. they go to the entire finished document before conducting a vote.
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league officials communicated with player representatives through the deck trying to answer questions and finalizing the issues so that both sides can vote on a new deal tomorrow. if they agree, training camp can open next week. more than four months into the lockout, locking down the final details remain a waiting game. conducting a camp for kids today, he says he feels ready to go. injuries kept bringing on the sidelines. he also made a point to say espn took his comments out of context. he clarified that while he loved playing for ryan, he has a lot of respect for harball. when tiger woods returned to competitive golf, he will do it without links to his past. his winds have slipped into the
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past tense. 13 majors. williams been close to a million and a half dollars a year. we both make money. stick around, her back with a stick around, her back with a seven-day forecast whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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[ thinking ]he best, another pet name?les. all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk.
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[ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. >> it is going to get released d. >> it will go further. to the next level. up around 100 and divergent a couple of degrees. range chances are minimal until we get toward the end of the weekend and early next week. it will take the temperatures and to the low 90's. or around 90. but the humidity will go away once we get the frontal systems and they are monday. >> it will feel like more than that with the humidity. >> more like 105 for more. >> a good night, everybody. keep cool.
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